Cowboys solidify themselves at the top of NFL’s Bottom 10


“How about them Cowboys?” as former Dallas coach Jimmy Johnson used to shout. Now, instead of being the top team in the NFL, they’re the biggest disappointment. Their latest disaster was a 27-20 whipping by the Dancing Bears of Chicago.

USA Today, citing a study of 0-2 teams over the last 20 years, says the Cowboys have a one-in-42 chance to qualify for the Super Bowl. Of course they will be free to attend as spectators if they have the nerve (it’s being played in their home stadium).

But the Cowboys are off to a great start to make it to the Bottom Ten’s inaugural Stupor Bowl, tentatively scheduled to be shown on the Comedy Central network April 1.

No.; Wreck (Record); Last Loss; Next Loss

1.Dallas (0-2); 20-27, Chicago; Houston

2. St. Louis (0-2); 14-16, Oakland; Washington

3. Buffalo (0-2); 7-34, Green Bay; Olde England

4.Cleveland (0-2); 14-16, Kansas City; Baltimore

5. Detroit (0-2); 32-35, Philadelphia; Minnehaha

6. Carolina (0-2); 7. Olde England (1-1); 8. Seattle (1-1); 9. N.J. Giants (1-1); 10. Brett Favre’s training-camp regimen (0-2).

Crummy game of the week: Detroit (0-2) at Minnehaha (0-2).

Rout of the week: Baltimore (1-1) over Cleveland (0-2).

Quote of the day: After his team’s 38-14 thrashing by Indianapolis, safety Antrel Rolle of the No. 9 N.J. Giants told WFAN radio, “I felt like there was no one that stepped up to the plate when the opportunity presented itself.” Stepped up to the plate? Obviously this guy really has his mind on football.