San Francisco, Buffalo lead this week’s NFL Bottom 10


Several teams employ a 3-4 defense. Buffalo and San Francisco, by contrast, seem to use 0-0 defenses.

The outmanned Bills and 49ers have given up the most points in the NFL this season — 87 in three games. Not surprisingly, both teams are winless.

The 49ers make up for their lousy defense with a terrible offense, having scored just 38 points, second worst in the NFL. The only more feeble touchdown machine is Carolina (10.7 points per game), which has resorted to starting child quarterback Jimmy Clausen.


A special Bottom Ten “Oops” award goes to New Orleans’ enthusiastic public address announcer Jerry Romig, who shouted, “It’s good!” after the Saints’ Garrett Hartley attempted a 29-yard field goal in overtime. The kick was wide.

Wreck (Record); Last Loss; Next Loss

1. San Francisco (0-3); 10-31, Kansas City; Atlanta

2. Buffalo (0-3); 30-38, New England; N.J. Jets

3. Old York (1-2); 10-29, Tennessee; Chicago

4. Carolina (0-3); 7-20, Cincinnati; New Orleans

5. Detroit (0-3); 10-24, Minnehaha; Green Bay

6. San Diego (1-2); 7. Washington (1-2); 8. Oakland (1-2); 9. Jacksonville (1-2); 10. Dallas (1-2).

Crummy game of the week: Arizona (2-1) at San Diego (1-2).

Rout of the week: Carolina (0-3) at New Orleans (2-1).

Fantasy flops: Running back Frank Gore (San Francisco), 15 carries for 43 yards, no touchdowns; running back Joseph Addai (Indianapolis), 13 carries for 29 yards, no touchdowns; quarterback David Garrard (Jacksonville), 13 of 30 passes for 105 yards, one interception.