Finalist: Kevin David Trosian

C-Suite 2022

Chief Financial Officer

Kevin Trosian has been leading financial and strategic operations for companies over the past two and a half decades and is an active member of the community in Los Angeles and its surrounding areas. He and the 3PL Central (recently rebranded as Extensiv) team have had a busy 24 months as the world shifted much of its purchasing to e-commerce, creating a strain on the logistics industry.

To better manage customers’ needs, Trosian led four transactions over six months in 2021, including taking on a large investment from Mainsail Partners. With the heavy focus on M&A, 3PL Central closed three acquisitions to expand the scope of its SaaS offerings and drive more efficient omnichannel fulfillment. During this time, the company turned the corner to profitability while Trosian and his team implemented numerous software systems and processes to facilitate better metrics, improved customer experience and faster closings.