Jacques Spitzer

C-Suite 2022

Chief Executive Officer

Founder and CEO of San Diego-based creative agency, Raindrop, Jacques Spitzer is a two-time Emmy award-winning storyteller, director and published author. A former digital reporter and writer for NBC News, Spitzer founded Raindrop in 2010 with the hopes of building brands, connections and stories that bring people together.

Raindrop produced the most successful ad in the history of YouTube in 2020 for Dr. Squatch (garnering over 171 million views on YouTube alone) and in 2021 produced a national Super Bowl commercial also for Dr. Squatch. Just last month, Raindrop’s creative success and results have put San Diego on the map for creative work across the country. In the last two years, Spitzer has led creative strategy and efforts for nationally recognized brands. He also leverages his social media platform to connect with the marketing community sharing tips, tricks, insights and more.