Lara Schmoisman

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C-Suite 2022

Founder & CEO
The Darl

Lara Schmoisman is a digital weaver and powerhouse marketing strategist transforming brands to become profitable, innovative and sustainable. Born and raised in Buenos Aires, Schmoisman is the founder & CEO of The Darl. She designed an environment she calls an “ecosystem,” where everything is balanced by teamwork, kindness, creativity, collaboration and authenticity while staying true to the brand’s unique story.

Determined to continuously evolve, Schmoisman realized that so many people out there were trying to pivot to the digital field but were not in a position to hire an agency. She did some soul-searching and came up with three programs using all the proven strategies, methods, and tools that she uses every day with her own clients at The Darl. Her “How to Design Your Business to Stand Out from the Crowd in the Digital World” online training has benefited her clients tremendously.