Paul Edalat

C-Suite 2022

Vivera Pharmaceuticals
CEO and Founder

As a founding partner, CEO, and chairman of Vivera Pharmaceuticals, Paul Edalat is a visionary industry disruptor driven by his desire to transform the pharmaceutical industry to serve patients and consumers better. Edalat’s mission is to upend an outdated industry to improve the lives and well-being of all Americans: regardless of race, socioeconomics, or any other social determinant of health. He is a true believer in the power of future-focused medicine to ensure equitable health opportunities for all. Working with Vivera’s team of scientists, doctors, and advisors, the Company is leading the way with innovative new technologies such as its patented ZICOH, a drug delivery device, and the patented TABMELT, a sublingual drug delivery system. Together with the team, Edalat leads a whole-patient approach to treatment, focusing on the synergistic roles mental and physical health have together. With the Company’s expansion into medical technologies and neurosciences, Edalat wants to bring a fresh new perspective to just how patient care can be achieved.