Belva Anakwenze


Business Manager and Virtual Chief Financial Officer
Abacus Financial Business Management

As the principal of Abacus Financial Management Group, Belva Anakwenze serves as a virtual CFO for several creatives in Los Angeles. Her clients range from entertainers and their closely held companies to large entertainment tech companies. She also oversees financials for several music live events and musicians. Anakwenze has made sharp pivots in the past - she changed her client base from professional athletes, who weren’t good at following advice, to entertainment industry talent, including actors, directors, producers, and writers. For these individuals and their closely held companies, Abacus handles day-to-day financial affairs as well as planning and investing. Anakwenze’s business continues to grow in client base and employees. In the male-dominated financial world, she is able to reach her goals as a CFO by facing challenges and tough conversations head-on and speaking in everyday vernacular to ensure complete transparency and financial climate understanding.