Honoree: Chant Vartanian


Chief Executive Officer
M-Theory Consulting Group

With 18 years of industry/management experience, Chant Vartanian is founder and chairman of the Singularity Ventures / M-Theory Group of companies. He has served as CEO of M-Theory Group for 11 years, in which time he has developed nearly $200 million in opportunities in 15 years and realized nearly $90 million in revenue. He has also successfully executed two M&A transactions and as chief strategy officer, Vartanian brings extensive operational experience and strong business acumen and provides keen insights to new and upcoming technologies.

Under Vartanian’s stewardship, MTheory’s mission is to disrupt the traditional methodology of technology acquisition. As a dynamic emerging growth company, it aims to deliver innovative technology solutions that serves an array of industries such as finance, IT, healthcare, venture community, manufacturing, software, business services, entertainment, legal, gaming and telecommunications. With privacy, compliancy and redundancy as Vartanian’s mantra, M-Theory provides enterprises the ability to obtain, maintain and sustain their mission critical technology initiatives. Vartanian and team also offer creative, end-to-end consulting, financing, implementation and support solutions for technology and telecommunication infrastructure - from an array of private single tenant cloud solutions and managed services to completely planning and deploying data center solutions as well as streamlining application delivery, M-Theory is designed to customize and right-size solutions for any dynamic business. Vartanian leads a team that combines technology and innovative financing solutions that suit even the most stretched budgets, so customers can acquire what’s crucial to their business success today and capitalize on market opportunities. Vartanian and his team have over 100 years of combined experience in helping clients achieve maximum value at every stage of their technology life cycle - planning, design, sourcing, pricing, capital budgeting, financing, procurement, implementation, integration, consulting, support and asset management.