Honoree: Jaime Lee

Inspirational Women 2022

Chief Executive Officer
Jamison Properties

At age 37, Jaime Lee has impacted the world of commercial real estate more than most executives twice her age. In her position as CEO, she is in charge of managing Jamison’s portfolio of approximately 100 buildings totaling 18 million square feet of assets, including acquisitions/dispositions, commercial and multifamily leasing and management, marketing, and external relations. One of Lee’s objectives as CEO has been to lead the push to rebrand the company and its properties by positioning it to capitalize on a burgeoning tech scene across Miracle Mile, Hollywood, Mid- Wilshire and downtown.

Under her guidance, Jamison continues to evolve as a company, taking on new challenges and looking for new mountains to climb.

A strong example of Lee’s thinking outside the box is Jamison’s rise in the multifamily industry over the last nine years. It demonstrates her willingness to embrace new opportunities and figure out a strategy that will allow her company to continue to prosper. She began her career in 2008 in the throes of the global financial crisis. It was a tremendous learning experience and allowed Lee to learn to be nimble in the face of constantly changing market conditions. While the causes and impacts of the pandemic are quite different than the Global Financial Crisis, the industry faced similar hardships of struggling tenants, depressed retail transactions, job loss, uncertainty and many fundamental changes in the way workers and residents interact with, or even need, their built environments. She incorporated virtual meetings into her daily routine but still made a point of doing as many in-person meetings, tours and events as possible and safe to maintain the close connection she has built with her staff and clients.

Lee has overseen Jamison’s continued growth, including the development of multiple new multifamily properties. In 2020, in the midst of the pandemic saw the long-awaited crescendo of deliveries with nine new buildings totaling more than 1,555 units. This was followed in 2021 with an additional 1,225 units, and next up are an expected additional 2,012 units to come to market by the end of 2023.