Our Leaders Know: Providing Electricity and Inspiring Our Team Takes Strong Connections

Inspirational Women 2022
Jill C. Anderson Operations executive vice president, Southern California Edison (SCE)

For Southern California Edison executive vice president of operations, Jill C. Anderson, it’s all about connection. Whether it’s connecting to team members in a meaningful way or to customers to make sure their power is flowing, Anderson strives daily to inspire those she works with and serves. And to be inspired herself, which is one of the keys to her success.

Her accomplishments in her nearly five years at SCE are impressive, including leading utility operations as one of SCE’s top executives, where she is joined by other female leaders; today, women are the majority in our senior management positions.

Building on a nearly 20-year career in the energy industry (which she was inspired to pursue while in high school), Anderson has dedicated her working life to focusing her mechanical engineering background on the pursuit of providing the essential service that powers people’s lives.

Leaders like her know it takes time, energy and focus to connect with and inspire teams. They also know that acknowledging and supporting issues that affect women is good for our female workforce and everyone.

They are at the forefront of helping Southern California Edison safely deliver reliable and affordable electricity to 15 million people across our 50,000-square-mile service area. And having high-quality, capable, talented women in roles at all levels of our company is critical as we continue on the equitable, clean energy path.

Here are just some of the important advances we are making to support the needed solutions to issues that affect women and all of us: • We support the Paradigm for Parity, which is a public commitment to continue developing talented women ready to succeed in executive roles by 2030. • We signed the White House Equal Pay Pledge (2016), committing to action to advance equal pay for women. • For more than 40 years, our Women’s Roundtable business resource group (BRG) has been empowering women and focusing on their career development. ġ Talent Dimensions and the Global ERG Network (previously the Association of ERGs & Councils) recognized Women’s Roundtable with its 2022 Diversity Impact Awards Top 25 ERG Award. • Edison International, SCE’s parent company, has established gender parity among its independent directors, with talented women who bring their diverse experience to the table. • Edison International received the Women’s Forum of New York 2021 Corporate Champion award, honoring companies at or above 35% women represented on boards. • We have established an annual goal related to percent of supplier spend supporting diverse and women-owned businesses. In 2021, SCE met the goal, spending $2.4 billion (38%) of the $6.4 billion in total annual procurement spend with diverse suppliers.

Edison’s culture is values-based, and we have made progress in our efforts to build a more diverse and inclusive culture, where all employees know they belong.

With leaders like Anderson and many others, we look forward to a bright, clean energy future-one where an increasing number of women serve as our role models, colleagues and allies to help us achieve our mission.