GrayMatter Raises $45 Million to Accelerate its AI-Powered Robotics Solutions for Manufacturing Sector

GrayMatter Robotics' dual-arm robot.
(GrayMatter Robotics Inc.)
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GrayMatter Robotics, a Los Angeles-based AI-powered robotics leader empowering humans with intelligent automation, has announced $45 million in Series B funding. Wellington Management led the round, which also included NGP Capital, Euclidean Capital, Advance Venture Partners, SQN Venture Partners, and other existing investors 3M Ventures, B Capital, Bow Capital, Calibrate Ventures, OCA Ventures, and Swift Ventures.

The $2.5 trillion U.S. manufacturing industry is grappling with a growing backlog of unfilled orders due to a severe labor shortage. Many of these roles are hazardous and demand extensive training, leading to a critical gap of 3.8 million unfilled jobs. With nearly half of these manufacturers’ orders on hold waiting to be fulfilled, GrayMatter’s solutions are crucial in addressing these challenges.

GrayMatter’s smart robotic cells are future-proofing high-mix, high-variability manufacturers’ businesses by increasing productivity, enhancing quality consistency and reducing costs. They autonomously handle complex tasks such as sanding, polishing, grinding, coating and finishing – traditionally labor-intensive and ergonomically challenging jobs – allowing businesses to meet global demand while significantly improving the quality of life for shop-floor workers.

“We founded GrayMatter to enhance productivity while prioritizing workforce well-being,” said Ariyan Kabir, co-founder and CEO. “With our physics-based AI-powered systems, we are fulfilling our mission while unlocking new levels of efficiency and productivity. With our investors’ support, we are making a real difference for shop workers and addressing the critical labor shortages in manufacturing today.”

With the new capital, GrayMatter, founded in 2020 by SK Gupta, Ariyan Kabir and Brual Shah, is actively hiring for a wide range of roles to meet customer demands, expanding its Los Angeles headquarters, and accelerating the development and deployment of its next-generation AI-powered robotic solutions.

“GrayMatter is driving a pivotal transformation in manufacturing with their advanced AI solutions,” said Sean Petersen, sector lead for private climate investing, Wellington Management. “Their ability to enhance productivity, energy efficiency and safety while managing costs, positions them uniquely in the market. We are excited to support their journey towards scaling these innovative technologies across various industries.”

GrayMatter’s proprietary GMR-AI technology enables robots to self-program and adapt to high-mix manufacturing environments, providing consistent quality and reducing cycle times. Over the past two years, GrayMatter Robotics has deployed robots across North America in aerospace, defense, specialty vehicles, marine, recreation, and general manufacturing industries, processed over 7.5 million square feet of product surface area, and holds ten patents.

“The combination of AI-driven technology and depth of domain expertise in the GrayMatter solution blew us away”, said Debjit Mukerji, partner at NGP Capital. “It is incredibly challenging to develop high-performance and ultra-reliable robots for such difficult manufacturing conditions. We are thrilled to help the company execute on its impressive commercial trajectory.”

“We are excited to partner with GrayMatter Robotics, as their AI-driven robotic solutions have enabled us to more efficiently address major demand growth in our operations stemming from increased football participation and market share gains, ensuring consistent quality and throughput despite workforce staffing challenges,” said Drew Dixon, director of distribution and strategy at Riddell. “Collaborating with GrayMatter Robotics underscores Riddell’s ongoing commitment to innovation and excellence in both its manufacturing operations as well as the protective equipment it delivers to the field.”

GrayMatter Robotics’ solutions work two to four times faster than manual operation, and training that usually takes six months for humans now only takes less than a day. The robot helps businesses address sustainability goals, resulting in a 30% or more reduction in consumable waste and reduced energy consumption than traditional methods.

“GrayMatter helps us replace some of our more taxing manual labor. We are proud to partner with GrayMatter in an effort to provide longevity in the workforce. We’re constantly working toward a healthier work-life balance, with a focus on working to live rather than living to work,” said Melanie Protti-Lawrence, president of Lawrence Brothers Inc. “Their robots are not just tools but enablers of growth. They allow our workers to engage in more meaningful and less physically taxing tasks, contributing to a healthier and more productive work environment.”

“Going to market with GrayMatter Robotics aligns with our mission to foster innovative solutions that drive efficiency and sustainability in manufacturing,” said Adi Leviatan, president, 3M Abrasives Division. “This technology addresses critical industry challenges and delivers significant value to our customers.”

GrayMatter Robotics’ solutions are used by a diverse range of industries, including aerospace & defense, specialty vehicles, maritime, metal fabrication, and consumer products. By providing turnkey solutions in a Robot-as-a-Service (RaaS) format, GrayMatter Robotics helps manufacturers improve productivity, enhance production capacity, and reduce costs associated with scrap, repair and rework.