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Find your escape through luxurious yoga retreats

Find your escape through luxurious yoga retreats
Enjoy a relaxing yoga retreat. (Colin Tso)

Ocean waves, rustling palm trees, singing birds and the melodic sounds of a foreign language: When you book a yoga retreat in a faraway land, the soundtrack to your savasana gets a little more exotic.

Ask anyone who has combined travel with yoga and they'll tell you there's a lot more to a yoga retreat than waking up and doing sun salutations on the beach. Taking your practice to uncharted territory opens your mind, body and soul to new cultures and ideas that can shape the way you view yourself as a citizen of the world. Of course, the spa treatments, poolside massages and guided meditations don't hurt either. From the beaches of Bali to the mountains of India, we found seven yoga retreats around the world designed to satisfy your wanderlust.


Take a trip south of the border to Tulum, where Yogaworks offers weeklong retreats at the eco-chic boutique hotel Amansala. Highlights include invigorating vinyasa classes, meditation workshops, healthy meals and a Mayan clay spa treatment.



Guests at Desa Seni, a village resort in Bali, sleep in antique wooden homes, made with wood imported from the many islands of Indonesia. The resort offers both group and private yoga retreats in a luxurious, relaxing environment.


Situated on the Big Island's volcanic coastline, Kalani is the perfect place to sync your Ujjayi breaths with the ocean. At this remote getaway, guests settle in for a full week of relaxation with personal yoga instruction surrounded by the Hawaiian landscape.


Yogis trek from all corners of the globe to de-stress at Ananda, nestled at the base of the stunning Himalayas. The retreat's seven-day program includes personalized yoga sessions, Reiki, aromatherapy massage, reflexology and more.


Located on the Gulf of Thailand, Chiva-Som International Health Resort offers a yoga retreat that comes complete with private asana and meditation sessions, pranayama, and Ayurvedic treatments. Oh, and all the coconut water you can drink.


Molino del Rey is set in the stunning nature reserve of Andalucia in southern Spain. Outstanding features include floor-to-ceiling windows in the yoga studio with gorgeous views across the valley, a cave for meditation and therapeutic spa services.


A mystical island port, Piso Aetos, Ithaca is an ideal destination for a private, luxurious yoga retreat. At Itha108, guests enjoy twice-daily yoga classes, yoga nidra, daily meditation and organic, locally sourced meals.

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