Hotel chain offers free nightcap, snacks

Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants has launched a "nightcap program" that includes a free drink and snack for guests.
(Kirk McKoy / Los Angeles Times)

The hotel industry has increasingly been adding new charges for an assortment of services and extras — parking, Internet and resort fees — to squeeze bigger profits out of each room.

So, it’s news when a hotel offers a freebie. It’s bigger news when that giveaway is booze.
San Francisco-based Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants has launched a “Nightcap Program” that treats guests at 17 boutique hotels to a free nighttime swig — dubbed a “wee dram” — accompanied by a bedtime snack.

The drinks will vary from property to property, including brandy, scotch, cognac and port, along with a bite of shortbread cookies, nuts or chocolate. Staff at the front desks wil serve up the drinks and snacks but guests can take them to their rooms.

In California, the participating hotels include the Canary Hotel in Santa Barbara and Hotel La Jolla in La Jolla.

“It’ll be fun to see how different hotels bring this to life from location to location,” said Kimpton’s master sommelier Emily Wines.


Yes, that’s her real name.

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