Only 11% of teens use Twitter every day, report says

A little more than one in 10 teens say they use Twitter every day, a new report shows.

According to the report, only 11% of youths ages 12 through 17 say they use Twitter daily. By contrast, the report shows 51% of teens visit some sort of social network other than Twitter each day.

Of the teens who have a Twitter account, 72% of them say they never use it, according to the report.


In a summary of the report, Business Week suggested that teens’ lack of interest in Twitter may be attributable to their general lack of interest in news, a Twitter staple.

The report, called the “The Secret Lives of Teenagers Online,” was assembled by Business Insider working with Nielsen, Ericsson, McAfee and Common Sense Media.

While the scant use among youth may be discouraging for Twitter, the company may not even notice for some time as it is still experiencing growth elsewhere.

Twitter CEO Dick Costolo recently told the Los Angeles Times that the social network has 140 million active users. Costolo said Twitter’s growth is coming from users in other countries, particularly those in the Middle East. Saudi Arabia alone saw growth of 3,000% in June, he said.

And as the site grows globally so do the number of tweets sent each day.

“It took three years and two months to send the first 1 billion tweets,” he said. “Now 400 million tweets are sent a day. It takes 2½ days to send 1 billion tweets.”


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