Facebook messages go down with glitch, send Twittersphere into panic


Facebook encountered a glitch Friday when messages sent through its website stopped working.

“This message failed to send. Click to send again,” a Facebook error message said in bright red letters when users tried reaching their friends while using the company’s desktop website.

Messages appear to still work when sent through the company’s apps, but it’s unclear what caused the service to stop working on the Facebook website.


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Earlier this week, Facebook released a new version of its Messenger app for the iPhone, so the problem could be related to that release.

The messages glitch could also be related to another glitch last week that caused users to be unable to look at their profiles as well as their friends’ and public pages that they follow. The problem lasted about an hour as Facebook staffers worked to resolve it.

For now, users are taking to Twitter to complain. Here are some highlights:

When Facebook decides to not let you send messages half way through a conversation. Well done.— Felice Fawn (@felicefawn) November 15, 2013

oh people can’t send messages on facebook. how do I know? BECAUSE I HAVE 13298761986 POSTS ABOUT IT ON MY NEWSFEED

— Lea Lloyd (@llejja) November 15, 2013

Facebook is not allowing me to reply back to any messages!!! GRRRRRR!!! For those of you waiting for a message, I am TRYING!!!! :(— Carla MacDiarmid (@carlasfunkyart) November 15, 2013

Hopefully, Facebook can solve the problem soon, otherwise Batkid may have to be called in to save the day.


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