2020 Year In Review

Kobe Bryant, the coronavirus, social justice, wildfires and one of the most contentious elections in American history. We look back at 2020.

We could probe the universe and witness stars being born in a distant galaxy. We could find moments of grace. But we could do little to alter the course of this disease.

Orange County has grown more diverse and its politics increasingly purple, but in 2020, the O.C. crazy burst forth.

One can’t help but wonder: What could Trump have done — other than his tragicomic efforts after the fact — to produce a different election outcome?

When did you realize that the COVID-19 pandemic would profoundly alter your life? For this reporter, it was the last week of February 2020.

The death of Kobe Bryant, his teenage daughter and seven others in a helicopter crash plunged Los Angeles into mourning less than a month into 2020.

Despite, or perhaps because of, the struggles of 2020, the year included moments of compassion and joy.



Looking Ahead

What will future generations think of 2020 as they sift through the hidden caches of face masks, hand sanitizer and “I Voted” stickers? That it was a blip of infection and insanity, the moment the world changed forever — or both?


What we lost



Los Angeles Times television critic Lorraine Ali chooses the best TV shows of 2020.

Los Angeles Times television critic Robert Lloyd chooses the best TV shows of 2020.


It was the year Latinas took over the Super Bowl, and Bad Bunny — like everyone in quarantine — twerked alone.

In a year marked by COVID-19 and social unrest, music stars such as Fiona Apple, Killer Mike, Bad Bunny and Bob Dylan have risen to the occasion.

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