Anonymous donor gives Santa Cruz hospital $1 million for employee bonuses

There’s a lot of gratitude for medical providers these days, and a recent anonymous note — plus a whopping donation — to a hospital in Santa Cruz showed it.

“Thank you for standing up (and staying up!) to care for our community,” the note said. “This humankindness is what makes you heroic.”

Wary of outsiders, Bolinas, Calif., allowed one of them, a tech entrepreneur who moved there in 2014, to test the community for the coronavirus.

But it was the $1-million donation accompanying the note that had Dominican Hospital cheering. The gift was designated entirely for employees, and so nurses, cleaning staff, lab techs, medical records keepers, security guards and even mail room staff who have worked at the hospital for at least a year are receiving a bonus check. Full-time staff will get $800 and part-timers $600.


Hospital President Dr. Nanette Mickiewicz said the donation was a testament to the employees’ clinical excellence and their tireless dedication.

After weeks of hard work, nursing supervisor Amy Loudon said she was amazed at the generosity of a stranger, and especially appreciative that the windfall is being shared with all employees this week.

“There are so many people who keep the hospital running,” Loudon said. “Nurses and doctors are getting the praise, but we couldn’t do it without the staff who clean the floors, deliver supplies, fix machines, everything. It’s a team, and I’m glad the whole team is getting a thank you.”

As for her own bonus?

“I’m definitely going to spoil myself a little bit,” she said.

Which is probably why the anonymous do-gooder made the donation.