How to celebrate Memorial Day during the pandemic


Memorial Day reflexively evokes image of backyard barbecues with friends and family, flash sales and parades — all activities the coronavirus has taken off the table.

One silver lining to being stuck inside during Memorial Day weekend: Less commotion may make it easier to reflect on the actual meaning of the holiday, which is remembering fallen military personnel. And there are still ways to celebrate the holiday without the crowds.

1. Fewer people doesn’t have to mean quiet. A band of historic warplanes is set to soar over parts of Southern California on Memorial Day, saluting veterans and healthcare workers. The antique planes will “be low, slow and loud,” said Bill Prosser, operations manager for the Commemorative Air Force Inland Empire Wing.


2. With beaches now open for limited use in Los Angeles and other counties, it’s possible to spend the day swimming in or surfing on the waves. There’s also nothing to stop you from plunging in your own pool if you have one. Breathe easy: Many experts believe it’s safe to enjoy the ocean, swimming pools and lakes without fear of contracting the coronavirus.

3. Campgrounds, which naturally lend themselves to social distancing, are beginning to open in Southern California, some of them in time for Memorial Day. Some parks and trails are also reopening.

4. Many marinas are open and gearing up for the busy Memorial Day weekend. Some areas have allowed boat, kayak and paddleboard rental companies to open.

5. Burgers can be enjoyed just as well at home as in the park. These nine Memorial Day recipes are perfect for a small cookout with your quarantine crew.