Human remains found near mountain trail in Burbank

Map shows approximate location where remains were found
Map shows approximate location where remains were found.
(Los Angeles Times)

Skeletal remains found by a hiker last week in Burbank have been confirmed as human, officials said.

The bones were discovered in a mountainous area near the east end of Elmwood Avenue around 1:35 p.m. Thursday, according to the Burbank Police Department. Investigators with the Police Department and the Los Angeles County coroner’s office responded.

The remains are believed to have been there for quite some time based on the level of decomposition, Burbank police Sgt. Emil Brimley said.

“Because it’s skeletal remains, we don’t believe it’s been a week or two weeks or three weeks, but even longer than that,” Brimley said.

The Verdugo Mountains area is popular with hikers. Brimley said the remains were “several yards off the trail,” but not particularly hidden or obscured.


“It wasn’t something they had to look for,” he said of the grim discovery.

Identification of the remains could take months, officials said. The dead person’s age and gender have not yet been determined.

Anyone with information is asked to call Burbank police at (818) 238-3210.