Drake and his jeweler wanted to ‘kill the game’ with new 42 engagement diamonds chain

Drake smiles on stage, wearing a hoodie and thick gold chain
Drake speaks onstage in Long Beach in 2021.
(Amy Sussman / Getty Images)

After 14 months of anticipation, Drake couldn’t wait any longer for a weekend meeting in Atlanta with his jeweler to see his newest chain.

Ahead of their meet-up, Alex Moss, the rapper’s jeweler, texted photos and video of the custom piece that he crafted with 42 “engagement ring” diamonds for a total of 351.38 carats.

Titled “Previous Engagements,” the chain tells a story of “all the the times Drake thought about [proposing] but never did it,” according to Moss’ Instagram post on Monday.

“He was in shock, as was I,” Moss told The Times about Drake’s reaction to the chain in an interview Tuesday afternoon. “We were both in shock, literally.”

Composed almost entirely of club music jams in which he raps as little as he ever has, Drake’s seventh studio album marks a change in course.

June 20, 2022

Moss flew the chain out to Atlanta this past weekend where Drake debuted the piece at a birthday concert for fellow rap artist Lil Baby. Drake donned the glittering chain while performing on a star-studded lineup.

Moss declined to elaborate on why Drake chose to focus on the themes of failed romantic relationships and added, “I’mma keep it as the mystery that it is.”


Drake’s discography is full of lyrics about crumbled relationships.

His most recent solo album, “Honestly, Nevermind,” is brimming with stories of heartbreak and what-ifs. “How do you say to my face, ‘Time heals’ / Then go and leave me again, unreal / I see us fadin’ away,” he raps in the dance track “Falling Back.” Its music video reveals a marriage reception in which Drake, the groom, is seated next to dozens of brides.

The video in Moss’ promotion of the chain slowly pans across glistening diamonds as a voiceover talks seductively of the “true wonder of the jewelry world.” The tone is so self-serious that it comes off as parody. But it also echoes the string of stunts Drake and 21 Savage released to promote their new joint album, “Her Loss,” including a spoof of NPR’s Tiny Desk concert series and fake Vogue magazine covers.

Vogue notched its first victory in its lawsuit against Drake and 21 Savage by getting a temporary restraining order over their use of Vogue to promote new album ‘Her Loss.’

Nov. 11, 2022

Moss declined to list the price Drake paid for his latest piece, but said it was his most ambitious undertaking.

“The premise behind it was we just wanted to make a chain that was gonna kill the game,” Moss said. “I came up with the concept, the design, and I showed it to him and he loved it, and he said, ‘We have to do this.’”


Over the next year, Moss labored to source the stones, finding the right sizes, color and clarity.

Both Moss and Drake are Toronto natives and had an immediate connection. They collaborated in the past and made a tennis chain and bracelet for the rapper.

Moss’ clients include other rap artists and celebrities Tyler, the Creator, ASAP Rocky, Jack Harlow, Chief Keef, Playboi Carti, Bella Thorne, Jhay Cortez and Tekno.