Bernie Sanders’ Hollywood supporters are ‘devastated’ he dropped out

Comedian Sarah Silverman tweeted her despair after her preferred candidate, Sen. Bernie Sanders, dropped out of the 2020 presidential race.
(Lawrence K. Ho / Los Angeles Times)

Famous Bernie Sanders critics and supporters alike are coming together on social media to thank the senator for a hard-fought presidential campaign.

Sarah Silverman, John Cusack, Mark Ruffalo, Mia Farrow, Alyssa Milano, Jonathan Van Ness and other celebrities are taking to Twitter to bid Sanders farewell after he dropped out of the 2020 race on Wednesday, with former Vice President Joe Biden emerging as the clear Democratic contender.

“Wow. I’m heartbroken about Bernie,” comedian Silverman tweeted, comparing the politician to universally beloved TV icon Mister Rogers. “In all this darkness, he made me believe that people, together, could be the light. He continues to be an inspiration. And he’ll never stop fighting for us. Thank you, Bernie.”

Model and “Gone Girl” actress Emily Ratajkowski, another avid Sanders fan, echoed Silverman’s despair, punctuating her message with the hashtag #BernieIsOurHope.


“I feel so hopeless and devastated and powerless,” she wrote.

“Avengers” star Ruffalo weighed in Wednesday afternoon, sharing a recent tweet from Sanders vowing to “go forward together” and keep fighting.

“You are an inspiration and have done more to change the direction of the party in a Progressive and Just way than any other person who has fought for the Democratic nomination,” the actor wrote. “The fight continues. Now, we aim our righteousness on Trump and the outlaw GOP senate.”

Even Biden and Elizabeth Warren endorsers momentarily put aside their differences with Sanders’ supporters to pay respect to what his presidential run stood for.

“Thank you for fighting for everyone Senator Sanders,” tweeted “Queer Eye” groomer Van Ness, who has slammed Sanders’ followers as sexist and hypocritical in the past. “To all of his supporters, thank you for caring & fighting and I know how hard this day is for you. I hope we can all come together & defeat Trump.”

Activist and “Charmed” alum Milano joined in celebrating Sanders as well, despite last week calling his campaign approach “intellectually and morally bankrupt.”

“You’ve forever changed the party & made us reflect upon all the ways we need to do more & be better,” she wrote in a tweet directed at the senator. “Your efforts will be reflected in every advocate and activist for generations to come and will inspire policy that will make the world a better place. Thank you.”

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