COVID-19 survivor Daniel Dae Kim donates his plasma to ‘help others in their fight’

Daniel Dae Kim
Actor and producer Daniel Dae Kim has donated his plasma after kicking COVID-19.
(Jay L. Clendenin / Los Angeles Times)

The world does not deserve Daniel Dae Kim.

After battling and defeating a nasty case of the novel coronavirus, the “Hawaii Five-0” alum took to Instagram to announce that he had donated his plasma “in the hopes that the antibodies I’ve built up will help others in their fight against [COVID-19].”

“Me and my plasma,” the actor wrote Thursday, sharing a photo of himself in a hospital bed, holding a bag of his own blood contents and flashing a hang-loose sign.

“Glad to be able to donate ... If you were sick, but have tested negative and 14 days have passed since you last exhibited symptoms, or you tested positive but have been symptom-free for 28 days, I hope you’ll please consider making a [plasma donation] as well.”


Another recovered COVID-19 patient, CNN anchor Brooke Baldwin, also took to Instagram on Thursday to announce that she had tested negative for the virus so that she too can donate her plasma.

Like Baldwin and several other celebrities who have contracted the disease, Kim has kept his followers updated throughout his COVID-19 journey, disclosing his myriad symptoms and his testing process, as well as denouncing pandemic-fueled racism toward Asian Americans.

Earlier this month, the “Good Doctor” executive producer auctioned off a bunch of “Hawaii Five-0” scripts “to raise money for the healthcare professionals who are risking their lives in the battle against #coronavirus.”

The collection, which Kim stumbled upon while “doing some spring cleaning around the house because, well, quarantine,” even included a copy of the hit show’s pilot episode, signed by the original cast.

“Whether you win the auction or not, please consider donating to the men and women who are on the frontlines during our time of need,” Kim wrote on Instagram. “Mahalo.”