CNN’s Brooke Baldwin tests negative for COVID-19: ‘#ByeFelicia’

Brooke Baldwin
Brooke Baldwin has tested negative for COVID-19 after weeks of recovery.

The latest entry from Brooke Baldwin’s coronavirus diary: “I am virus free!”

On Thursday, the “CNN Newsroom” host announced on Instagram that she has tested negative for COVID-19 weeks after going public with her diagnosis on April 3 — and days after she detailed her “relentless, scary and lonely” battle with the respiratory illness in a lengthy personal essay for CNN.

“I would like to DO SOME GOOD as a result of this: Ideally donate my plasma to those who are very sick,” the broadcast journalist explained on Instagram. “And in order to do that, I need an antibody test. And to get an antibody test, I needed a negative #COVID19 result. So ... there ya go.”


Baldwin also shared a video of herself taking the test, which involved a healthcare worker inserting a cotton swab up both nostrils while the news anchor scrunched her face and cried out in discomfort.

“Thank you again to the docs and the nurses on the frontlines doing the real work,” she added. “(And if you watch this video ... they call the coronavirus test a ‘brain tickler’ for a reason.) ... #coronavirus #done #byefelicia.”

Earlier this week, Baldwin published a coronavirus diary on CNN breaking down her experience with the disease, which “took a full two-week beating” on her body.

Weeks after testing positive for COVID-19, CNN anchor Brooke Baldwin published a “coronavirus diary” documenting her “relentless, scary and lonely” experience.

April 20, 2020

“I got sick and lost my ability to do my job,” she wrote in the piece. “I was suddenly cut off from my purpose, and even isolated from my own husband, left to experience the virus firsthand all by myself. Like so many others.”

At the time of publication, Baldwin hoped to be back on air by Monday. Per her latest Instagram update, she’ll meet her goal, returning to CNN at 10 a.m. Pacific.