‘I Voted’ stickers, ballot selfies, catwalks: These celebs are ready for the election

I Voted stickers
The “I Voted” stickers used in California for the 2020 election.
(Al Seib / Los Angeles Times)

Whether they’re pregnant, abroad, absentee or voting for the first time, these celebrities are making voting social-media official. And they’ve got the mail-in ballots and “I Voted” stickers to prove it.

And many are voting early and posting about it in a presidential election marked by uncertainty due to the COVID-19 pandemic, not to mention President Trump repeatedly casting doubt on mail-in voting without substantive evidence.

Millions of ballots have been pouring in across the country nonetheless, breaking early-voting records in California and other states. And celebs are leading the charge in sharing their voting pride.


Grammy Award winner Lizzo used her “Vote” anthem to soundtrack her catwalk to the mailbox, and other famous folks followed suit in the #RunwayToThePolls challenge — a partnership with the Council of Fashion Designers of America, the Black in Fashion Council and Mandana Dayani’s I am a Voter campaign.

Chris Rock, Amy Schumer and Naomi Campbell are among celebs who are nude in a new PSA urging voters to watch out for “naked ballots” in the election.

Others tagged nonpartisan voter turnout movements such as Michelle Obama’s When We All Vote challenge. And some stars simply sported the “I Voted” sticker that arrived with their mail-in ballots in creative — and sometimes NSFW — ways. (We’re looking at you, Diplo.)

Here’s a look at how celebrities are showing off their civic pride:

Mandana Dayani, the cofounder and creator of I Am a Voter, a Los Angeles-based nonpartisan movement, wants you to vote in November and beyond. But will you?

Show off your early voting pride with our “I voted early” stickers on Instagram and in print.