Voting early? Show off with L.A. Times ‘I voted early’ stickers

Phone screens show the L.A. Times "I voted early" stickers and filters, in English and Spanish
Use the L.A. Times “I voted early” stickers and filters to show off your early voting pride.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic and a struggling postal service, voters across the country are being encouraged to fill out and return their ballots early — as soon as possible, actually, to ensure they’re counted.

But what about that “I voted” sticker, that small, but tangible insignia that tells the world you performed your civic duty and took part in our democratic process? Sure, L.A. County ballots come with a sticker, but when do you wear it: When you drop off your ballot at a collection box or on Nov. 3, election day?

We at the Times agree you should vote early and commemorate the moment with one of our virtual stickers.

We’ve made a series of “I voted early” stickers and filters specifically for Instagram. Here’s how to use them:

Visit @latimes on Instagram and click on the filters. From there, you can download one of three filters to use in your Instagram stories.

VIDEO | 00:11
How to find L.A. Times Instagram filters

How to find L.A. Times Instagram filters


After you take a photo for your Instagram stories, search for our “I voted early” and “Yo ya voté” stickers by searching for “latimes” or “ivotedearly” in the gifs.

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How to find L.A. Times Instagram stickers

How to find L.A. Times Instagram stickers

If you’re more of a paper person, you’re in luck! This Sunday, the front page of our Calendar section will include a physical sticker you can wear once you vote.

Help us encourage others to vote early by using the stickers and filters and using #ivotedearly in your social media posts. Happy voting!

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