Comic Christina P. ranks the best shows of Netflix Is a Joke fest. Hint: There are a lot of No. 1s

Comedian Christina P. holds a microphone while performing onstage
Christina P. performs in her latest Netflix special, “Mom Genes,” out May 8.
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As a lifelong Angeleno until moving to Austin, Texas, in 2021, comedian Christina Pazsitzky is, “818 till I die just like Brody Stevens,” as she put it over the phone. She’s also a writer, co-host of the insanely popular podcast “Your Mom’s House,” a mother of two, and the wife to a bear (aka comedian Tom Segura). Pazsitzky seems to have it all. Well, other than a spell-able last name. So, Christina P. it is.

Her newest Netflix special, “Mom Genes,” debuts on May 8 and homegirl is bringing her A game just in time for L.A.’s massive Netflix Is a Joke festival starting this week. Animated, silly, dark — Christina P.’s jokes punch you in the face and it feels good. This sounds like a bit of an odd endorsement, but here we are.

Christina P. performs on May 3 at the Regent Theatre for the Netflix comedy fest, but admittedly, when it comes to watching other stand-ups do sets, it’s not at the top of her to-do list. “I don’t even watch my husband’s comedy and he’s like, a genius comedian,” she says. With a lineup like this Netflix festival though, even a seasoned vet like Christina was impressed while scrolling through the calendar. Here are this comedian’s top picks for the fest.


Christina P(icks): Netflix Is a Joke: The Festival

1. Obviously, No. 1, people should see me. Don’t you dare go to another show. Shows on other nights, I also love Fortune Feimster [April 30, Ace Hotel 7 p.m.], I love Jesus Trejo [May 2, the Peppermint Club, 7 p.m.], and Liza Treyger [May 3, Hollywood Improv (The Lab) 9:30] is amazing. I like anyone who is a truth teller. The older I get into comedy, the more I appreciate someone’s willingness to be silly, take chances and really swing for the joke. We’re entertainers! It’s time to get back to having a sense of humor.

1 (again?). You must go see Dave Chappelle [April 28-30, May 3, the Hollywood Bowl, 7 p.m.] if you can get in. He’s so important to comedy, to the world, and to stand-up. I think he’s got to be No. 1. Go see Dave Chappelle. What a hero. What a brave man, especially when he stood up because they wanted to cancel his Netflix special. He is important.

2. Sebastian Maniscalco [May 1, the Wiltern, 5 p.m.], I love. I remember seeing Sebastian at an open mic in Santa Monica 15 years ago and watching him do his “Ross Dress for Less” bit. It’s the best thing I’ve ever seen. I just have so much appreciation for him as well.

3 (kind of?). I love Patton Oswalt [May 7, the Orpheum, 7 p.m.], Melissa Villaseñor [April 29, Dynasty Typewriter 6 p.m.] is a genius impressionist — there are so many people on this lineup that are admirable. Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin? [May 3, Hollywood Palladium 7 p.m.] Holy crap! Larry David [May 7, the Greek Theatre, 7:30 p.m.] is there? It would be cool to see him do stand-up, I’ve never seen that.

1 (again, again). Wait. Is Chris Rock performing? His name is right before me on the Netflix name list [shows TBA] and listen, if Chris Rock is performing, that’s the No. 1 show you want to see. I’ve had a bottle thrown at me, I’ve had glasses thrown at me — Chris Rock’s reaction was totally a veteran comedian who has been through it. Like, we’ve all had s— thrown at us. But that was wild. He’s gonna have some s— to say and I can’t wait to see it. OK, that’s the No. 1 show you see.