In the haunting new ‘Westworld’ Season 3 trailer, the hosts are out for blood


Freeze all motor functions: HBO released a new trailer on Thursday for the third season of its hit sci-fi Western “Westworld,” and this time it’s the humans’ turn to question the nature of their reality.

In the preview, Evan Rachel Wood, Thandie Newton, Jeffrey Wright, Ed Harris and Tessa Thompson are back to finish what their characters started — but they aren’t in Westworld anymore.

“I was born into this world, and my first memories of it are pain,” Wood’s character, Delores, says as she and her band of humanoid robots contemplate their existences. “For my kind, there was one place we were never allowed to go — one place we were never allowed to see: Your world.”


No longer confined to vintage barns and saloons, Dolores, Maeve (Newton) and the rest of Westworld’s top attractions have officially left the park and are now free to roam the human realm, where they meet newcomers played by the likes of Aaron Paul, Vincent Cassel and Lena Waithe.

“What do you want from me then?” Maeve asks Cassel’s character, giving a signature eyebrow raise.

“Dolores,” he replies menacingly. “I want you to track her down and kill her.”

Meanwhile, a determined Dolores is assembling an army of her own, recruiting old and new friends to realize her dream of destroying the mortal establishment that created her.

“What happens if this doesn’t work?” ventures Caleb, who is played by Paul.

“We do this the old-fashioned way,” Dolores says with a mischievous smirk. “I kill everyone.”

The remainder of the trailer features a slew of futuristic landscapes, gadgets and warfare, ending on what appears to be a cliffhanger of a showdown between the series’ two most powerful machines: Dolores and Maeve.


“Welcome to the end of the game,” Dolores says.

The third season of “Westworld” premieres March 15.