Even Sharon Osbourne doesn’t know why she was hospitalized: ‘It’s still a mystery’

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Sharon Osbourne attends the 2019 Emmy Awards in Los Angeles.
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Sharon Osbourne has offered an explanation — or lack thereof — as to why she was hospitalized last month.

On Tuesday’s episode of her British TV show, “The Talk,” Osbourne confirmed that she fainted on the set of her son’s supernatural series, “Night of Terror,” but couldn’t explain what caused her to lose consciousness. The TV personality returned to “The Talk” this week after taking some time off following the health scare.

Asked by co-panelist JJ Anisiobi if she could shed some light on the fainting incident, Osbourne said, “I wish I could, but I can’t.


“It was the weirdest thing,” she continued. “I was doing some filming, and suddenly they tell me that I [passed out] for 20 minutes. ... I went to one hospital. They took me to another hospital, and I did every test over two days, and nobody knows why” it happened.

Sharon Osbourne shared an update on her health days after her son, Jack Osbourne, revealed she had been released from the hospital.

Dec. 20, 2022

On Dec. 19, Osbourne shared via Instagram that she was home from the hospital and “doing great” after she collapsed behind the scenes of “Night of Terror” at the Glen Tavern Inn in Santa Paula, Calif.

The TV host said Tuesday on Instagram that while the medical emergency is “still a mystery,” she is now “feeling fantastic and ready to get talking!”

On the same episode of “The Talk,” Osbourne also confirmed that her daughter, Kelly Osbourne, recently welcomed a baby boy. She added that her daughter and her newest grandchild, Sidney, are doing “so great.”

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Feb. 25, 2022

“She won’t let a picture go out of him,” Osbourne said. “And I’m so proud of her.”

A day later, Kelly Osbourne explained on her Instagram story why she has been relatively quiet about the arrival of her newborn son. Little Sidney is Kelly Osbourne’s first child with her rocker boyfriend, Slipknot musician Sid Wilson.

“I am not ready to share him with the world,” she wrote Wednesday. “It is no one’s place but mine to share any information on my baby.”