Jameela Jamil is launching a new NSFW podcast, and the press tour has been chaotic

Jameela Jamil poses in a black dress with one hand on her hip and another at her collarbone
Jameela Jamil just launched her “Bad Dates” podcast.
(Jordan Strauss / Invision / Associated Press)
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Jameela Jamil is going all in on the messiness of bad dates for her upcoming podcast — and it seems the series’ NSFW chaos has made its way into the star’s recent morning show appearances.

Jamil, known for “The Good Place” and “She-Hulk,” appeared on the “Today” show Tuesday to promote her “Bad Dates” podcast. When she opened up about a “booty call” gone wrong, she left hosts Craig Melvin, Sheinelle Jones and Dylan Dreyer laughing and Al Roker speechless.

“He collapsed three steps in, he broke all of his front teeth,” Jamil told the “Today” gang. “They flew across my apartment.”


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Jamil said the man collapsed because he had “misused” an erectile dysfunction drug. By the time she came around to this point of her story, Melvin, Jones and Dreyer were laughing out of shock. Roker, on the other hand, didn’t seem as amused.

A straight-faced Roker stared into the camera. He could also be seen pursing his lips as Melvin told Jamil that that was “the worst” dating story.

Roker then tried to keep the segment moving, asking Jamil whether a bad date “makes you appreciate the good dates.”

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“100%, yeah,” Jamil responded. “And some of these bad dates led to 25-year marriages.”

After Melvin tried to revisit Jamil’s story, Roker shifted the focus to the actor’s new exercise endeavor.

“Today” wasn’t the only morning show caught up in the raunchiness of Jamil’s new podcast. On Wednesday the actor appeared on “The View,” where she dropped a few expletives and spoke about flatulence.

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While touting “Bad Dates,” Jamil mused on her own dating habits, including how she doesn’t get intimate with partners until she is months into a relationship.


“I just don’t want to see your [genitalia] until I’m ready,” she said, earning laughs from co-host Sara Haines and audience members.

Like Roker, “The View” co-host Whoopi Goldberg looked off-screen to a producer before adding, “I think a lot of people can relate to that.”

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Co-host Sunny Hostin tried to rein things in after seeing “our executive producer who looks like he’s about to die.”

“He was about to die 10 minutes ago,” Goldberg joked. “He’s fine now.”

Hostin then asked Jamil about advice she’d like to share with “The View” audience and red flags they should avoid. The TV star praised therapy before sharing an odd piece of wisdom.

“Never, ever ... ever trust a fart,” she said. “It becomes something else sometimes and we just don’t need to get into it because this is morning television.”

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Even after Haines shifted focus to Jamil’s I Weigh campaign, “The View” wasn’t safe from dirty language. Jamil opened up about her views on exercise, which she said can be “exclusive” and “elitist.”


“You have to dress a certain way in —,” she said before blurting an expletive and then immediately slapping her hands over her mouth. As Jamil apologized to the audience, Hostin and Goldberg gestured to executive producer Brian Teta.

“Now he’s on the floor,” Goldberg said. The camera turned to Teta, to whom Jamil also apologized.

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“Children, that is very bad language,” Jamil said.

On social media Jamil poked fun at her recent morning show appearances, reposting a clip from her “Today” appearance on Instagram.

“Omg this is why I should not be allowed on Live TV,” she captioned the snippet.

Jamil’s “Bad Dates” will premiere March 27 on several podcast platforms, including Apple and Spotify.

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The lineup of “Bad Dates” guests so far includes Conan O’Brien, Tig Notaro, Nikki Glaser, Wendi McLendon-Covey and Jinkx Monsoon.