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“Selena: The Series” turns the focus to the men behind her — creating a self-serving, controlled narrative that fails to illuminate the late singer herself.

Ryan Reynolds uses Taylor Swift’s ‘Love Story’ in a very 2020 ad for dating site Match — because this year has really gone to hell. Even Satan agrees.

With his impassioned plea against threats to election workers, “This has to stop,” Georgia’s voting implementation manager became America’s conscience on Tuesday, echoing Joseph Welch’s historic 1954 takedown of Joe McCarthy: “Have you no sense of decency, sir?”

Justin Chambers last appeared as Dr. Alex Karev in “Grey’s Anatomy” on Nov. 14. On Thursday night, the series explained the character’s departure.

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2020: Just sayin’ — the year doesn’t automatically bring to mind happy thoughts as we head into the home stretch. But with films featuring Viola Davis and a Black Pixar star, this holiday season’s film releases may provide some comfort and, possibly, reasons to be thankful.

Moviegoing will be different this Thanksgiving, but with high quality titles set for release and coming soon there’s still plenty of things to be grateful about.

ReedPop announced Tuesday that it was retiring BookExpo, the largest publishing convention in the U.S. Some say its decline was inevitable, even before COVID.

“Saturday Night Live” axed musical guest Morgan Wallen in October after he was caught partying mask-free. Now the country artist is booked for Dec. 5.

While so many people will do Thanksgiving on Zoom this year, I’m going cold turkey on digital connection and finding other ways to honor those I miss.

Reggaeton star Bad Bunny didn’t perform at Sunday’s American Music Awards after he was diagnosed with COVID-19. His rep says he’s ‘OK.’

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Lou Harrison’s delectable Suite for Violin With American Gamelan fuses Indonesian percussion, Renaissance Italian dances and 1970s hippie spirit.

The stage director and spiritual seeker of “My Dinner With Andre” ruminates on his life and old age in his first book, “This Is Not My Memoir.”

Arnold Schoenberg’s sacrilegious “Pierrot Lunaire” foretold a distortion of reality that has never left us.

Social media platform Parler looks like it was designed by a pharmaceutical firm and sounds like a symphony composed of one note: conspiracy theory.

Our plague year is an opportunity to see, at last, one of the hidden truths of America’s founding: the great suffering of the Native people.

  1. With negative COVID-19 test results, travelers can visit several Hawaiian islands. Kauai’s rules are tighter, but with a bracelet monitor, a resort stay is possible.

  1. ‘The Other History of the DC Universe’ by Oscar winner John Ridley features superheroes of color, including Black Lightning. He’s also at work on a new comic series starring a Black Batman.

  1. The Promenade 2035 project will replace a shuttered shopping mall in Warner Center with a new “downtown district” featuring a supermarket, public plazas, high-density housing and a 10,000-seat sports and entertainment venue.