Banksy watch: Twin towers homage in Tribeca


Where’s Waldo? How about where’s Banksy?

The anonymous British street artist has been playing hide and seek with New Yorkers (and the media) this month as part of his month-long “residency” in Gotham. Do serious art lovers care enough to follow the hype? Does it matter?

On Tuesday, Banksy posted on his website (and social-media channels) his latest presumed work: a miniature tribute to the Twin Towers on the streets of Tribeca. The outdoor stencil depicts the dark silhouettes of the World Trade Center buildings against the New York skyline. An orange blossom adorns one of the towers.

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Banksy was apparently in Queens on Monday, creating an outdoor piece depicting a man writing on a wall.

On Sunday, the street artist posted an item saying that he had set up a stall in Central Park selling original Banksy canvases for $60 each. The stall brought in a grand total of $420, according to the artist.


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