Stephen Colbert and Jeb Bush are in a social media feud over ‘Late Show’ ticket giveaways

Stephen Colbert mockingly responded to Jeb Bush's contest to win tickets to "The Late Show," which the presidential candidate apparently did not run by the new host.

Stephen Colbert mockingly responded to Jeb Bush’s contest to win tickets to “The Late Show,” which the presidential candidate apparently did not run by the new host.

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It’s still a few days before Stephen Colbert debuts as the new host of “The Late Show” but he’s already got his first comedy feud going on social media with Republican presidential contender Jeb Bush.

In a YouTube video posted Wednesday, Colbert mocked Bush over an email offering his supporters a chance to win a trip to New York and a “VIP ticket” to the Sept. 8 taping of “The Late Show” on CBS. Bush and George Clooney will be the guests on Colbert’s premiere.

In a perturbed, sarcastic tone similar to the over-the-top commentator he played on Comedy Central, Colbert said that Bush did not seek permission to raffle the tickets for a $3 donation to his 2016 campaign. (Like every other guest who appears on the program, Bush received complimentary tickets.)

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“As the governor points out in his email this is a huge chance to see the very first ‘Stephen Colbert Late Show’ which apparently now has a new host,” Colbert said. “Gosh I hope it’s Amy Schumer. She is hilarious.”

Colbert tweaked Bush for having “sweetened the pot” by including with the ticket a dinner with his campaign’s national finance co-chairman Woody Johnson, owner of the often beleaguered New York Jets.

“Smart move by Jeb to associate his campaign with the winning tradition of the New York Jets,” Cobert said in the clip, which was shot from an audience seat in the the Ed Sullivan Theater, where his show will tape.

Colbert is countering Bush with a contest of his own. The “Jeb Bush on the Stephen Colbert Late Show Raffle” will also offer the winner a trip to see the show and the submission of a “non-obscene” question for the candidate.

“One question might be, ‘Don’t you wish you consulted Stephen before launching your contest?’” Colbert said.

Colbert is also asking for a $3 donation to enter his raffle. Proceeds will go to the Yellow Ribbon Fund, which aids injured service members and their families.

Bush is playing along, replying to Colbert in a video taped at the Philadelphia Airport: “I thought the host was Amy Schumer. I totally blew it. Since it’s you, we’re lowering the contest fee to $1 and I’ll enter yours with a donation to the Yellow Ribbon Fund.”

On Thursday, Amy Schumer joined in with a video posted on Colbert’s Twitter account. “It’s me Stephen Colbert,” she said. “I can understand why you thought I was Amy Schumer. I have been getting in touch with my feminine side lately. Thank you so much for entering my contest. Maybe you can win a chance to ask yourself a question.”


Bush acknowledged the video with a reply: “I see what you did there, @amyschumer.”

CBS has nothing to do with either contests. But executives are said to be happily watching the exchange and the attention it’s generating. Presidential candidates are not the only ones who love free media.

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