Golden Globes 2018: These are the stars who stayed home and wore black anyway

The Time's Up movement wasn't only celebrated on the red carpet and inside the 75th Golden Globes, but by entertainment industry boldfacers who stayed home, too. Several A-listers wore black while sick in bed (Anne Hathaway and Shonda Rhimes, included), while others who opted out of the ceremony showed solidarity via social media posts featuring T-shirts, pins and even banners supporting the female-led, entertainment-industry initiative that aims to tackle workplace disparity and sexual harassment in Hollywood and beyond. In their Instagram Stories, Brie Larson and Rosario Dawson shared posts from supporters of the movement around the world. Below, other boldfacers who chose to make a statement away from the Beverly Hilton.


Kristen Bell posted a photo of herself wearing a black sweater embroidered with "equality" by Lingua Franca with the caption: "Staying in tonight but wearing all black with my sisters!"

A sick Anne Hathaway shared a no-makeup selfie of herself wearing a long black dress and the comment, "In Solidarity from my sick bed."

Mindy Kaling, who just gave birth to daughter Katherine, shared a #TimesUp graphic about wearing black, and mentioned, "my black nursing bra is on display!"

She was at home with the flu, so her planned black dress stayed on the hangar with its #TimesUp pin, but Shonda Rhimes posted a selfie—wearing a shirt and pin for the movement—and said she was "standing in solidarity with my sisters everywhere tonight."

After posting a video of Natalie Portman and Eva Longoria touting #TimesUp, Rosario Dawson filled her Instagram Stories feed with screenshots of people around the world wearing black in support of the movement, including a selfie in which she wears a "Rise Up As One" shirt.

Mark Ruffalo was a rare man who showed his support from home. He wrote: "Wearing black today in solidarity with the men and women asking for respect and equality across industry lines. Let's bring a stop to sexual harassment in the workplace. Join us in wearing black and saying #TimesUp." (And Reese Witherspoon thanked him in a comment.)

For Gabrielle Union, the #TimesUp movement is extremely personal, and her own selfie from Sunday night talked about eradicating sexual violence, harassment and abuse, and achieving true equality together. "Together we can dismantle white supremacy and racism. Together we can center the voices of the most marginalized among us. Together we can acknowledge the jig is up and its BEEN time for monumental sweeping change."

In a pair of posts, Orange Is the New Black's Uzo Aduba shared her solidarity with the cause, in front of a large Time's Up banner with actress Amber Tamblyn.

Rashida Jones saw off her "sisters," Amy Poehler and activist Saru Jayaraman, showing by posing for a picture with the duo in her own black ensemble before the pair departed for the red carpet.

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