Emmys 2012: Eric Stonestreet is serious (and realistic) about comedy

He’s a costar in one of the most popular comedies on TV, but even as “Modern Family’s” Eric Stonestreet held on to his Emmy for supporting actor in a comedy backstage, he offered a reality check.

“We know this isn’t going to last forever,” Stonestreet said. “We’ll be the old show in a couple of years, or maybe even next year. Who knows?”

At least there is a fourth season to put out. Earlier this summer, the cast of ABC’s highest-rated comedy were in a salary dispute with the show’s producer 20th Century Fox Television, which threatened production of the upcoming season. It was eventually resolved, allowing the funny to continue.

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When asked what keeps the show’s humor from going stale, Stonestreet offered a sober answer: “We’re very serious about the business of comedy and we’re constantly trying to make the scene the best it can possible be.”

But, hey, how easy can that be now that Stonestreet has to show up on set as an Emmy winner, when his male costars left empty-handed?

“It’s going to be pretty violent,” he jokes. ”No, we absolutely 100% support each other… maybe that won’t always be the case, but it’s the case right now.”

Always the realist.