Entertainment industry groups pledge ‘dialogue’ on gun violence

Film and television industry groups that met with the White House on Thursday evening vowed to engage in a “dialogue” over the issue of gun violence in America.
“The entertainment community appreciates being included in the dialogue around the administration’s efforts to confront the complex challenge of gun violence in America,” said a statement from the Directors Guild of America, Independent Film & Television Alliance, Motion Picture Assn. of America, National Assn. of Broadcasters, National Assn. of Theatre Owners, and National Cable & Telecommunications Assn.
“This industry has a long-standing commitment to provide parents the tools necessary to make the right viewing decisions for their families,” the group added. “We welcome the opportunity to share that history and look forward to doing our part to seek meaningful solutions.”

The statement followed a two-and-a-hour meeting with the White House Task Force on Gun Violence led Vice President Joe Biden. He and other administration officials have been meeting with various groups to craft recommendations on how to stem gun violence in the wake of last month’s shooting at an elementary school in Connecticut.

The tragedy has fueled debate about easy access to guns in America and whether Hollywood movies, TV shows and video games promote gun violence.

Among those who attended the meeting were Comcast Executive Vice President David Cohen; John Fithian, head of the National Assn. of Theatre Owners; MPAA Chief Executive Christopher Dodd; Jay Roth, executive director of the Directors Guild of America; Jean Prewitt, president of the Independent Film & Television Alliance; and Gordon Smith, president of the National Assn. of Broadcasters.


Those who attended the meeting declined to comment on what was discussed. It’s not clear what steps, if any, industry officials are prepared to take. The MPAA, which lobbies on behalf of the major studios, has steadfastly opposed any government restrictions on content.


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