‘Good job’ for Capt. Ray Holt’s alter ego, Andre Braugher

Andre Braugher stars as Capt. Holt on "Brooklyn Nine-Nine."
(Eddy Chen / Fox)

Andre Braugher scored an Emmy nomination Thursday for supporting actor in a comedy for “Brooklyn Nine-Nine.” The actor, who won an Emmy in 1998 for “Homicide: Life on the Street” and another for the 2006 miniseries “Thief,” spoke about what it’s like to be nominated for the seventh time:

Does it feel different this time around?

The novelty really doesn’t wear off. You know, I did this show because I wanted to broaden my horizons. These guys who created the show, Dan [Goor] and Michael [Schur], really know what they’re doing, and I’ve been able to learn something meaningful working with them. Comedy is a delicate art, it’s mysterious.



Is there anything you’ve found surprising about comedy, playing this character of police Capt. Ray Holt, that you wouldn’t have expected from all your dramatic roles?

Regardless of the ridiculous stories and the undercover operations and all of that, it’s about creating a very specific world for myself. And the comedy doesn’t depend on putting people down in order to make a joke. This comedy feels deeper.

The inevitable: How did you hear about the nomination this morning?

I’m on the East Coast [in the New York suburbs], so I got up, had breakfast and had carpool duty, and my publicist called me about 9 to let me know.

And then the Champagne came out?

Don’t think there will be much sipping Champagne. There’s yard work, there are locks to repair, holes to drill. And then I have to fly to California tonight; our first table read for the new season is tomorrow.

You’re blowing our idea of how nominees celebrate.

[Laughs] I know! There is no Champagne. Too much work to be done around the house.


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Freshman comedies can have a hard go of it. Why do you think this show has resonated?

Dan and Mike have a tremendous track record of creating a universe of lovable goofballs, and they’ve done it again. Personally, I love when young Holt makes an appearance. He’s an incredible badass right out of the ‘70s, very “Dirty Harry.” It’s fascinating to see the difference between young Holt and present-day Holt

What can we expect from our favorite school-librarian police captain this season?


Well, Holt is a happily married man, so don’t think anything on the homefront will change. But the department gets a new commissioner, so everything changes there. And Holt is a very conservative guy, but he wants to make some radical changes. And not everyone wants that. So there will be a tussle over the squad’s direction.

What do you think Holt would do if he learned about your nomination?

He would make a small pointing gesture with his index finger and say, “Good job.” I mean, that’s the highest praise you can get from Holt.

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