Amanda Bynes spotted in NYC after DUI arrest; is history repeating?

Amanda Bynes, who was arrested this week in L.A. on suspicion of DUI, turned up in New York City on Friday morning after being photographed changing up her hair color and acting strangely in public.

Any of this sounding sadly familiar?


Bynes -- who until recently was under a one-year conservatorship following a rough stretch involving multiple arrests, bizarre behavior and ultimately months of psychiatric care -- hit up a Thousand Oaks hair salon Thursday for a dye job, according to TMZ, which posted a couple of pictures and cited sources "close to Amanda" who said she'd seemed altered all day.

The actress-turned-student was believed to be under the influence of drugs when she was arrested early Sunday in Sherman Oaks, police told L.A. Now. Bynes had stopped her car in the middle of an intersection when the light turned red, police said.

On Thursday evening, the 28-year-old was photographed at an LAX restaurant before a nighttime flight to the East Coast.

Bynes didn't stay long at the eatery, an eyewitness told E! News, but while she was there she was allegedly talking to herself while applying lots of makeup and checking herself out in a compact. Still, she was "very coherent" with restaurant staffers, the source said.

"Amanda said she was heading home to New York because she had an apartment there," the source told E!. "She didn't seem like she was on drugs or anything, because she talked very normal. But ... [s]he was really fidgety and really sloppy in the way she ate her food."

Pictures taken when she arrived at her destination Friday morning showed her looking relatively normal -- except for a large bandage high on her right cheek.

This apparently isn't the first time she's been in New York since her conservatorship ended Sept. 10, People noted, citing tweets from people who saw her L.A.-bound with purple hair at JFK airport Sept. 25.

Outwardly, Bynes seemed to be doing well living with her parents while her mother was charged with making key decisions for her.

"Her parents were closely monitoring her, including her driving," a source told People. "She would have arguments with her dad in the car."

Lynn and Rick Bynes learned of their daughter's most recent arrest through the media and at the time didn't know her whereabouts, TMZ reported Tuesday.

Problems popped up only days after the conservatorship ended, according to an E! News source who explained that there had been a "hard expire" on the conservatorship that prevented a simple renewal.

"That means the process has to start again," the source told E!. "Well, the process cannot start again with just a DUI. It's going to require a 5150-[psych hold] type situation again. She is not there yet."

Lindsey White, a hairstylist who'd worked on Bynes' hair several times in recent months, told People that her client, whom she called "such a sweet person," couldn't trust anyone and was "well aware that everyone's attacking her."

Bynes had stopped attending classes at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in Irvine after having "a few procedures done" and not wanting to be seen in public, White said, adding that the former child star hated going to school.


A fellow student told People that Bynes had been "honestly trying" at FIDM and had seemed "stable about her life and about her career."

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