Charlie Sheen responds to ex-fiancee’s lawsuit: ‘an extortionist ... who gets paid for sex’

Charlie Sheen's legal team has fired back after ex-fiancee Scottine Ross sued him, with allegations including assault and negligence in exposing her to HIV.

Charlie Sheen’s legal team has fired back after ex-fiancee Scottine Ross sued him, with allegations including assault and negligence in exposing her to HIV.

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Charlie Sheen has come out with guns blazing in a response to the big-time lawsuit filed against him last week by ex-fiancee Scottine Ross.

In court documents filed Monday, the TV star’s attorney, Martin D. Singer, refers to Ross almost exclusively by her porn name, Brett Rossi, and pretty much calls her a scheming, controlling liar who’s willfully ignoring a prior agreement to handle any disputes she might have with Sheen through confidential arbitration.

Charlie Sheen sued: What does his ex say he did?


Sheen is asking that his ex’s complaint of assault, battery, negligence and more be dismissed with prejudice and that she be ordered to return to arbitration, where she’d reportedly been working out a financial deal with the actor.

As to her accusations of violence by Sheen during the course of their 11 months together? “He never kicked, choked, dragged, shook, or struck Rossi, and he never threatened to kill her or forced her to have an abortion, as she wildly alleges,” the petition counters.

In fact, the response alleges, she assaulted him on three very intoxicated occasions.

The claims that he slept with her five times before disclosing he was HIV positive, and later exposed her to the virus by frequently failing to take his medication when he was intoxicated?


“As a porn star, Rossi has had hundreds, if not thousands of sexual partners. Exposure to sexually transmitted diseases is a risk that she knowingly and willingly accepts every time she has sex on film, and she made the same choice when it came to Sheen,” the actor’s camp alleges, right before sliding in a sentence suggesting Scottine was sleeping around while she and Charlie were engaged.

Ross’ detailed allegations of a scary, messed-up relationship full of booze, drugs and violence were dismissed in Sheen’s petition from the get-go, and she was instead depicted as a person exploiting her relationship with the “Anger Management” star for profit.

“This is a case by an extortionist ... who gets paid for sex as a prostitute and a porn star,” the document says. “During her 11-month relationship with Charlie Sheen ... Rossi received over $500,000 in gifts, private jet travel, and other benefits from Sheen.”


According to the papers filed by Singer, Ross had agreed previously to arbitration of disputes and had signed a confidentiality agreement, only to turn on her ex and threaten to reveal his HIV status to the world after she was cut off financially.

“Rossi is banking,” the filing said, “on the fact that Sheen will pay her millions of dollars to avoid the negative publicity surrounding this action.”

We shall see.

Ross’ attorney filed her lawsuit, which seeks unspecified damages, a day after Sheen failed to pay her more than $1 million plus a chunk of his “Anger” back-end deal. The actor had reportedly agreed to the payout before going on the “Today” show to reveal his medical status and declare that he would no longer be paying any of the people he’d been trying to keep from revealing his HIV status.

“I think toward the end, both he and I knew it was just so toxic and so violent,” Ross told People in an interview published Monday. “At least that’s what helps me sleep at night — I like to think that he let me go because he knew that he was eventually going to hurt me beyond repair.”

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