Kenny Rogers has skin cancer removed, reveals bandaged face

Kenny Rogers posted this image Wednesday on Instagram, cracking a joke and telling his fans to get checked during Melanoma/Skin Cancer Detection and Prevention Month.
(Kenny Rogers / Instagram)

Kenny Rogers had a small scuffle with skin cancer, according to a picture he posted Wednesday on Instagram.

”...but you should see the other guy!,” the legendary country singer said in his caption. “Had a bit of skin cancer removed today -- I recommend everyone go get checked, especially since May is National Skin Cancer Detection & Prevention Month.

“Don’t worry though, I’m gonna look great in Knoxville this weekend!”

The photo shows a big bandage going from forehead to cheek, on the right side of Rogers’ face. He didn’t identify the type of cancer that was removed.


Previously, his mug had been more famous for the plastic surgery he’d had done on it. But it was a topic he and his publisher chose to keep out of his 2012 memoir, he told Fox 411 at the time, because they feared that would be the only thing people would talk about.

“I regret the results of the eye job,” he said, “but quite honestly I don’t know what I’d look like if I hadn’t done it and it may have been way worse.”

He attributed his operations to “a phase” he went through.

The “Islands in the Stream” and “The Gambler” singer is headlining this year’s “Stars on Stage” fundraiser at the Tennessee Theatre in Knoxville on Saturday. The event benefits the Historic Tennessee Theatre Foundation, which provides financial support to the venue. Rogers’ tour then heads to Ohio for a show May 23.

Also doing battle recently on the skin-cancer front was actor Hugh Jackman, who had a second basal cell carcinoma removed from the side of his nose just days before the “X-Men: Days of Future Past” premiere in New York.

“I’m realistic about the future and it’s more than likely that I’ll have at least one more but probably many more,” Jackman told the Associated Press on Tuesday in Beijing, where he was again attending a screening of the movie.

The actor’s situation is “not uncommon for an Aussie, particularly from English stock, growing up in Australia, where I don’t remember ever being told to put sunscreen on,” he said.