Miley Cyrus: ‘Like, I didn’t even think about’ the VMAs spectacle


Been wondering how much thought Miley Cyrus put into her VMAs performance?

Ah, we didn’t think so. But we do have an answer to that unasked question, courtesy of the pop star herself: Not a whole heck of a lot.

Isn’t that pretty cool? Because most people had been pondering the, um, artistic inspiration behind the lascivious jam with Robin Thicke and that giant foam finger.


“What’s amazing is I think now, we’re three days later and people are still talking about it. They’re overthinking it,” Cyrus said in a documentary clip provided exclusively to MTV News. “You’re thinking about it more than I thought about it when I did it.

“Like, I didn’t even think about it ‘cause that’s just me.”

One thing she did think about, however, was leaving an impression, a la Madonna (whose 1984 smidgen of floor-humping is positively quaint) or Britney Spears (in an altogether demure flesh-colored ensemble in 2000) at MTV’s prior Video Music Awards.

History was on Miley’s mind, she said. “Me and Robin, the whole time, said, ‘You know we’re about to make history right now.’”

So yeah, if history starts in with Madonna in 1984, eight years before Miley was born, and includes only pop-music stunts, then yes, this qualifies as “history,” we suppose, with a heaping helping of snark on top.

No worries, though: The apparently world-weary 20-year-old said she doesn’t pay attention to negative feedback.

“Because I’ve seen this play out so many times,” she said.

So have we, Miley. So have we.


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