Nick Gordon in rehab after erratic ‘Dr. Phil Show’ appearance

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Dr. Phil’s intention in sitting down with Nick Gordon was to get his version of what happened to Bobbi Kristina Brown, the TV psychologist said — but Gordon’s condition quickly turned the sit-down into an intervention rather than an interview.

Dr. Phil, full name Phil McGraw, told “Access Hollywood” on Wednesday that he’d traveled to Atlanta only to learn from Gordon’s lawyers “who truly have his best interest at heart — they tell me that he is so high, so out of control, abusing alcohol and apparently Xanax.

“They’re concerned for his very life, his very well-being,” McGraw told the show.

In the “Dr. Phil Show” episode that aired Wednesday, Gordon was agitated and erratic, veering from hysterical tears to attempts at focusing for the interview to periodic departures from the room, where he was appearing with his mom, Michelle Gordon.


The 25-year-old admitted to Dr. Phil that he was intoxicated for the interview.

“I have been drinking,” Gordon said. “I have been doing Xanax. And that’s it. I’ve been sober besides that.

Prompted by Dr. Phil, he admitted he’d been drinking — in the doc’s words — “a lot.”

“My pain is horrible,” Gordon said at one point. “Like, my heart hurts. I have panic attacks.”

Dr. Phil managed to get him to agree to go to medically supervised rehab, which “AH” reported is being paid for at least in part by the show.

“You can’t help Bobbi Kristina the way you are,” Dr. Phil said. “You can’t help Krissy like this. You’ve got to get yourself cleaned up. You’ve got to man up. You’ve got to straighten up.”

“I’ve been so strong for so many people for so long,” a tearful Gordon said. “So please don’t tell me to man up.”

“Yes, I am going to tell you that.... I just did,” Dr. Phil said.

In her son’s absence, Michelle Gordon said he and Bobbi Kristina Brown had argued early Jan. 31 after attending a party at a friend’s house the night before. The 21-year-old daughter of the late Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown was later found unconscious and responsive in a bathtub at the Atlanta-area home the couple share.


“Nick walked away from the argument,” Michelle Gordon told Dr. Phil (via Us Weekly). “He went to another bedroom to fall asleep.” Meanwhile, Bobbi Kristina “went up to her room and drew a bath.”

Nick Gordon was raised by Houston from age 12 along with Bobbi Kristina Brown, whom he and the family call Krissy. Bobby Brown has not allowed Gordon to see Krissy in the hospital.

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