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Zac Efron, Michelle Rodriguez suck face on an Ibiza dance floor

Zac Efron
Perhaps Michelle Rodriguez liked what she saw in Zac Efron’s most recent movie, “Neighbors.” You dance any way you want, handsome.
(Glen Wilson / Associated Press)

Zac Efron and Michelle Rodriguez appear to be more than a one-and-done in the make-out department: They were caught on video Thursday night making out in a nightclub off the east coast of Spain.

The two were sucking face -- seriously, this was no demure peck -- on a dance floor in Ibiza, reported TMZ, which posted the stealth video shot from somewhere above the crush of bodies.

Now, Rodriguez was also photographed the previous day hanging out on a yacht with Justin Bieber, so we hope Efron doesn’t get all weird like Orlando Bloom did earlier this week.

Efron and Rodriguez, whose last public fling was with Victoria’s Secret model Cara Delevigne, had been spotted smooching early in July on a boat off the coast of Italy’s Sardinia. That daytime action, however, was nowhere near as face-sucky as the twosome’s dance-floor moves.


Speaking of moves on the dance floor: When he and Rodriguez weren’t locking lips, the “Lucky One” star was showing off some essence-of-Bollywood technique, throwing his hands in the air like he just didn’t care. The “Lost” and “Fast & Furious” actress, in contrast, seemed more into, well, grinding.

Plus, Zac: Nice hat.

Other celebs in Ibiza lately, in addition to the names dropped above? Paris Hilton, for one, as well as Lindsay Lohan, who hit the beach for some jet-skiing in a particularly unflattering swimsuit.

Nope, can’t unsee that last one, can ya?


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