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Fizzgig puppet from Jim Henson’s ‘The Dark Crystal’ up for auction

Fizzgig puppet

This Fizzgig puppet from “The Dark Crystal” is set to go up for auction at the Prop Store.

(Prop Store)

The many-fanged Fizzgig from the Jim Henson and Frank Oz film “The Dark Crystal” is up for auction, along with a heap of other science fiction and fantasy treasures including Leonard Nimoy’s Spock uniform from “Star Trek” and the forever quoted “Multi Pass” of “The Fifth Element” fame. 

Prop Store is auctioning off some truly beloved sci-fi treasures including (but not limited to) a Dalek from “Doctor Who,” Wolverine’s claws (Hugh Jackman’s forearms not attached) and Christopher Reeve’s “underwater Superman tunic.”

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Just imagine the insufferable bragging rights you would possess showing up to a party in Malcolm McDowell’s fancy purple coat from “A Clockwork Orange." 


But truly the star of this whole show is Fizzgig. When contacted, via email, to find out if this truly was the authentic, angry fur monster from “Dark Crystal,” Brandon Allinger, chief operating officer of Prop Store, said that though there were probably several Fizzgig puppets created for the film production, this is the only one he knows of that exists in private hands.

Curating of the auction is taking place in London and Los Angeles, and the sale itself is set for Sept. 23 at the BFI IMAX in London. Call-in and online bidding is allowed. For more information, head to the Prop Store. 

We’ve collected a few choice items in the above gallery, along with the Prop Store’s estimated auction prices for the goods. Fizzgig’s estimated price is set at $12,000-$15,000. So, Gelflings of the world, it’s probably time to start pinching pennies.



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