‘Jack Ryan’ showrunners on adapting Tom Clancy’s character and possible ‘Lost’ Easter eggs

Showrunners Carlton Cuse and Graham Roland talk about bringing the books to TV and whether to expect any “Lost” easter eggs.


Since Tom Clancy’s “Jack Ryan” series began in the ’80s, there have been multiple actors to portray the character onscreen, including Alec Baldwin, Harrison Ford and Chris Pine. Former star of “The Office” John Krasinski is now part of that list as he takes over the role of the intrigue-laden life of the CIA analyst in Amazon’s new series “Jack Ryan.”

Carlton Cuse and Graham Roland said they used Ford’s portrayal in films such as “Clear and Present Danger” for much of their inspiration but said they want to put a fresh stamp on the story while staying true to Clancy’s vision.

Here, they talk about their new series and, as former co-workers on the landmark series “Lost,” whether there’s a chance for a hidden Easter egg in the new show.


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