Calendar Letters: No apology necessary

Samantha Bee at the Turner Network 2016 Upfronts in New York.
Samantha Bee at the Turner Network 2016 Upfronts in New York.
(Evan Agostini / Invision / AP)

Regarding “Bee Has More to Say in On-Air Apology” [June 8]: The second paragraph of Television Critic Lorraine Ali’s column (“stoked social media’s overworked outrage machine...”) made it clear I should keep reading to the end because she knows what she is talking about.

Mrs. Kushner needs to see “Fiddler on the Roof” to hear Tevia talk to his God who seems to be right above listening and evaluating.

Carole Schindler Grover

Santa Monica

Adjusting for inflation


Regarding: “Female-Led ‘Oceans 8’ Bests Male-Heist Films” [June 11]: A box office analyst should know that one has to take into account inflation when making bold claims about all-time highs (or lows). I’m happy for the folks behind “Ocean’s 8” in that it performed well, but adjusted for inflation, the 2001 ‘Ocean’s Eleven’ grossed $61.6 million on opening weekend besting the current movie by $20 million.

Joe Stemme

Culver City

An all-too-apt comparison

Regarding: “A Guide to Trump From the Bard” [June 5]: This is yet another deeply grateful thank you for yet another brilliant display of insight and lucidity on the topic that continues to corrode the “Days of Our Lives” (that is Donald Trump) via [theater critic Charles McNulty’s] review of Stephen Greenblatt’s book “Tyrant: Shakespeare on Politics.” I am always alert to such smart overviews and commentaries as they allow me to momentarily feel that there is still a semblance of sanity in this world.

Elaine Livesey-Fassel

Los Angeles

That was uncalled for

Regarding “Messages of Unity, Humanism” June 11: “Robert De Niro denounced Donald Trump by name and a bleeped epithet beginning in ‘F.’ He received a rousing standing ovation for his efforts.” Really? De Niro should pat Trump on the back. In Trump’s first 500 days, there is record employment of blacks and Latinos, three hostages released by North Korea and tax cuts for everyone.

Instead of debating the issues, De Niro resorts to personal attacks. I’m thankful that the Tony Awards bleeped out his incendiary comments. I wish our newspapers would do the same.


David Tulanian

Las Vegas

Credit where credit is due

Regarding “Did ‘Roseanne’ Help Laurie Metcalf Win?” [June 11]: Maybe Metcalf won because she deserved it.

Daniel McVey

Los Angeles

Credit where none is due

The mention of Dame Judi Dench’s being made a star by Harvey Weinstein [“A Post-Weinstein Hangover,” June 3] is inaccurate to say the least. Dench had an important role in several Bond films as well as being a star in Britain long before Weinstein was king. Referring to her as middle-aged at the time lacks tact or any understanding of what women are trying to accomplish in the film industry.

Jackie Gelfand

Los Angeles

A traveling connoisseur

Regarding “An Appreciation: He Took Us to New ‘Parts’” [June 9]: I think Anthony Bourdain best described his TV show “Parts Unknown” with: “It is not a food show, but there is food. It is not a travel show, but there is travel. Travel is not just sitting on a scenic beach but getting to know the people and telling their stories.”

Food and travel may have drawn us to the show, but it was his intimate, entertaining, lively and revealing conversations with people that kept us watching it.

Kenneth L. Zimmerman

Huntington Beach

Behind the Muppets

Regarding “Muppets, Fraggles and a Nightclub?” [June 7]: The article didn’t mention Jerry Juhl. Is he not featured in this exhibit? Jerry wrote and sold the first Muppet shows with Jim Henson and is generally considered the heart and soul of the Muppets. Jerry was publicity shy. He passed away a number of years ago. Hopefully, the family has not omitted his essential contribution to their dad’s success and the Muppets.

Bill Jacobson

West Hollywood

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