‘The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel’s’ Rachel Brosnahan on sightseeing in Prague as her Golden Globe nomination was announced


There was a sense of déjà vu at work as Rachel Brosnahan received her Golden Globe nomination for actress in a comedy or musical series Thursday. This year began with “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel” star winning the Golden Globe in the same category for the first season of her show. Now, as 2018 draws to a close, she has been nominated for the second season, which debuted Wednesday on Amazon.

“It’s just wild,” said Brosnahan, reached by phone as she was playing tourist while on location for an upcoming movie set in Prague. “It’s the warmest welcome for Season 2.” Below, she speaks about her nomination and some of the key sights in the Czech Republic capital.


The day would seem to be starting on a good note for you, right?

I’m actually in Prague, so it’s just gotten dark. It’s evening for me. I was very awake when I got the news. I’ve only been in Prague for a couple of days so I’m still not quite with the time difference. I was actually on a walking tour. And I was in a Gothic cathedral, I guess, and was trying not to look at my phone as it was going off. I just continued on the walking tour. I waited until I got out of the church to check my phone.

The Globes have sort of become part of the show’s success story — did it seem that way to you, that last year’s win gave the show a boost?

Absolutely — 100%. We had just aired the first season when nominations were announced last year. It was really what helped people find us to begin with. We are so grateful to be recognized for a second — they are absolutely part of the beginning of our story. It both feels like eternity ago and like yesterday.

Do you think that Midge would do well hosting the Globes?

I think Midge [Brosnahan’s character in the show] would be so great at this; Rachel, uhhhh.

What do you remember from the ceremony last year?

Very little, honestly. I feel like I was just buzzing the whole night. I was so nervous and excited — so many conflicting emotions. I just remember seeing Oprah and forgetting everything, including my name. It was a really special night. One I have completely forgotten and one I will never forget.

An element of the show that people have really admired is the dynamic between Midge and Susie — here were two friends who didn’t spend their time just talking about men. Was that refreshing for you?

It was unbelievably refreshing for me as an actress to read this friendship. And for it to be at the center of Midge’s story. There aren’t nearly enough shows — although, there are more now — but growing up, there weren’t nearly enough shows that explored the ins and outs of female friendships. They can be ugly and messy and intensely intimate and magical all at the same time. We definitely explore more of those dynamics in Season 2.

Have you had time to talk to Alex [Borstein] yet?

Not yet! I just got finished with this walking tour. I’m on my way back to my hotel to send some texts and emails.


What’s been the best part of that walking tour? Maybe we can give Prague visitors some tips.

We went up to Prague Castle, which is extraordinary. And just getting to see so much of Prague in this 2 ½-hour tour. It was amazing. It gave me a lot of ideas of where I’d like to go back to and explore more. I’m here for another 10 days or so. I’m shooting a film out here called “Ironbark.”

How do you plan to celebrate tonight?

I’m gonna walk around Prague some more and find a restaurant and have a beer. And I just found out that Benedict Cumberbatch, who is also in the movie, was nominated for “Patrick Melrose.” I’m gonna have to track him down and give him a squeeze when the walking is over.

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