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Fast Track: Charlie Sheen bombs ... and succeeds!

A roundup of entertainment headlines for Monday.

Night 1 of Charlie Sheen’s “Violent Torpedo of Truth” tour was a disaster. (Los Angeles Times)

But Night 2 in Chicago was ... a success?!? (Chicago Tribune)

Country stars Miranda Lambert, Taylor Swift and Lady Antebellum won Academy of Country Music Awards in Las Vegas Sunday night. (Los Angeles Times)


Katie Couric has decided she would rather be the next female Oprah instead of the first female Walter Cronkite. (Los Angeles Times)

Meat Loaf’s art supplies went missing on “Celebrity Apprentice,” so he decided to out-crazy Gary Busey. (Huffington Post)

In the battle of “Glee” vs. Kings of Leon, “Glee” creator Ryan Murphy is standing down. (Hollywood Reporter)

“Everybody Loves Raymond” is getting duplicated in Israel and Poland. “Everybody Loves Moishe”? (Deadline)


Nikki Finke has called for the heads of everyone at Universal, upsetting other journos. (Movie City News)

It took just 10 days for “Angry Birds Rio” to reach 10 million downloads. (Joystiq)

Could Lindsay Lohan soon be playing Sharon Tate? (TMZ)

Ke$ha loves painting in the nude. (Digital Spy)

LCD Soundsystem says goodbye. (Wall Street Journal)

-- Patrick Kevin Day

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