HFPA sets key dates for 2012 Golden Globes

Los Angeles Times

OK, award trackers, you now know what you're doing now in January. The Hollywood Foreign Press Assn. announced Thursday morning that the 69th Annual Golden Globe awards will be held on Jan. 15, 2012, the same time frame as this year's show.

While there was much lamenting this year over the fatigue that accompanies the long season, nothing is changing date-wise with either of the major shows in 2012: The Oscars will still be held on the same weekend at the end of February and the Golden Globes will attempt to set the stage for the season with its mid-January event.

Maybe for the upcoming event, the HFPA will choose a host and a Cecil B. DeMille honoree that won't spend the majority of the broadcast ridiculing the organization, like Ricky Gervais and Robert DeNiro did at this year's gala.

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