Fast Track: Is ‘Mad Men’ in cancellation danger?

A roundup of entertainment headlines for Tuesday.

Report: “Mad Men” is in danger of being canceled!?! What the what? (Los Angeles Times)

One of Hitchcock’s favorite killers, Farley Granger, has died. (Los Angeles Times)

Roger Ebert seems to have predicted our current film industry as far back as 1987. (Los Angeles Times)


Beyonce has had enough of her dad managing her career, severs professional ties. (Los Angeles Times)

Chris Brown is coming to “Dancing With the Stars.” Will Tom Bergeron cause him to break another window? Mmmmmaybe... (Entertainment Weekly)

Lea Michele was clipped by a carload of drunk girls, but she’s OK. (Los Angeles Times)

It seems James Franco isn’t done with us mortals yet. Now he’s planning to teach a class at NYU. That’ll be in-between movie gigs, and novels and the occasional documentary or art project. (New York Post)

Who didn’t see this coming? Ken Burns is doing a documentary on the Vietnam War. The documentary will last 20 years and will chronicle the entire conflict in real time. We’re kidding about that last part. (Deadline)

Tara Reid is finally getting her “Big Lebowski” sequel... sort of. (SlashFilm)

The uber-productive J.J. Abrams now has a top secret book project in the works. (The Wrap)

Attention Miami: There is a fake Gaga on the loose in your streets. (New York Post)

With “Homefront’s” big sales despite stinky reviews, it seems critics aren’t that influential in the video game world either. (Los Angeles Times)

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