Ashley Greene focuses on fans amid ‘The Twilight Saga’ storm


How do you solve a problem like Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson and promoting “The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn — Part 2”?

Perhaps you don’t. That seems to be an easier solution as promotion ramps up for the final installment of the blockbuster series, or at very least a noble one in the case of Ashley Greene.

The actress, who plays free-spirited vampire Alice Cullen in the films, had the unfortunate task of being the first cast member with a project to promote in the wake of Stewart’s cheating scandal.


Debuting a rather lovely Nylon magazine cover at a private dinner Tuesday, Greene showed up to the Chateau Marmont hotel looking stress-free, dolled up in a peach Pucci cocktail dress.

Naturally, the Ministry and other media were strictly verboten from touching on the Robsten meltdown, but Greene said something that stirred us.

When asked what her biggest takeaway from the past few years was -- her rising style-icon status, multiple film and television projects all spurred from”Twilight”-- she answered, “The fans.”

You know, that legion of devotees to Stephenie Meyer’s books and their subsequent film adaptations. The ones who are devastated (Warning: Links to a video with some profanity).

“I remember being at the first premiere and wanting to cry, it was the first time seeing all that love and support. They’ve been there ever since,” Greene said.

She also realizes the significance of giving away this final film, directed by Bill Condon.

“We’re at the point now where I’m like, ‘Oh. This is getting weird’ ...,” she said, “It’s strange. We’re not going back [to film] after this last premiere. We made this family and, you know.”


Uh, we don’t know. But we can guess. Greene, meanwhile, has horror movie ‘The Apparition” hitting theaters this month, and just wrapped a punk-rock turn in “CBGB,” alongside Alan Rickman and Malin Akerman.


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